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Guide to Different Types of Diamond Blade

Any tradie knows that you have to have the right tool for the job. It’s as true for hammers as it is for diamond blades. Just as you wouldn’t tap a nail in with a sledgehammer, you need the right kind of diamond blade to make sure your next cutting job is done properly.

Different Types of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are made from high-grade steel and metal bonded segments full of diamond crystals, so it’s not just a clever name. These diamonds are synthetic. Their shape, size and strength are specifically designed for different applications, to withstand the high pressure and to give you a sharp cutting edge through whatever tough materials you’re cutting.

Where diamond blades get interesting is how the diamonds are bonded within the segment, and then how the segment is welded to the blade. The bond varies between hard and soft, allowing for a specific wear rate to match the density of the material being cut. For example, for ‘softer’ materials like Asphalt, you want the rate of wear to be higher, exposing more of the diamonds for a clearly defined cut, like our Asphalt Diamond Blade. On the other hand, the Reinforced Concrete Diamond Blade is designed to work on hard through very tough material, like aged reinforced concrete, where you want a slower rate of wear. Then the Tusk General Purpose Diamond Blade has a segment that will cut a wide range of materials from bricks and roof tiles through to asphalt. This blade has a special bonding segment formula plus a tungsten chip inserted into every third gullet, preventing undercut and allowing this blade to cut many different materials and still have a renowned long-life. A popular blade in the Hire Industry.

Segmented Diamond Blades

Diamond blades with Segmented Rims are used in many situations. The notches or ‘segments’ in the diamond blade allow for cooling, whether it be with air or water, which in turn helps reduce the risks of overheating, as well as removing debris from within the cut, so you can get the job done faster with less segment wear. Our Segmented Rim Diamond Blades can also be called dry cutting blades because they can be used without water.

tusk diamond blade

Turbo Rim Diamond Blades

Blades like the Turbo Abrasive Diamond Concrete Blade have much smaller notches or segments around the rim. This allows some airflow around the blade while giving you a more precise cut. Notice the holes inside the blade’s rim. They also increase air flow, helping cool the blade so it lasts longer. The Turbo Abrasive Diamond Blade can be used in wet or dry conditions, and because the turbo segments flush out debris, this blade can work harder without slowing down.

Overnight Shipping On Diamond Blades

Cut concrete quickly and safely with TradeSmart and Diamond Blades. From Brick and Block Diamond Blades with a copper core to help reduce noise, or Decorative (Wide-Cut) Diamond Blades to help you lay fibre optic cables, or a Green Concrete Blade for cutting expansion joints in freshly poured concrete (note the “L” shaped segments to reduce chipping). We’ve got the right diamond blade to help you get the job done. Order today to get free overnight shipping on all diamond blades right across New Zealand.

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